Gripsta gripsta

Anything which improves the way you use your mobile phone can only be a good thing right?

The Gripsta team have come up with a great new gadget which protects your phone from scratching and makes it much more convenient to view and use... ok so it's not a world shattering invention but then the best gadgets are always the simplest aren't they!

About Gripsta


The Gripsta mobile phone accessory has been thought up, designed and manufactured here in the U.K. We're a family business manufacturing foam products for over 20 years at our Lake District factory so we're pretty clever on all things polyurethane.
We have over 80,000 sqft of space manufacturing anything from stressballs for promotional companies, footballs for schools, bar furniture for drinks companies, dashboard units for high end sports cars, Olympic games equipment, to NHS healthcare products and the list goes on...Our diverse range of engineering skills is mind boggling!


Coming up with the idea for a mobile phone stand was a bit of a lightbulb moment... we couldn't believe there wasn't a decent product on the market designed to cradle all smartphone brands which was also colourful, handy and affordable... honestly we looked and couldn't find anything, so designed our own! Simples!

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